Self-critical appreciation: phrasing

Self-critical appreciation: phrasing

Understanding Phrasing

  • Comprehend the importance of phrasing in a dance routine. This relates to how movements are linked together in time with the music or rhythm.
  • Recognize how phrasing can bring meaning and expression to a dance, making it more than just a sequence of steps.

Evaluating Your Own Phrasing

  • Reflect on your interpretation of the phrasing in a choreography. Do you accurately follow the intended rhythm or pattern?
  • Assess how your phrasing might impact the overall performance. Do your movements flow smoothly, or might there be areas of disjointedness?

Improving Phrasing

  • Determine ways to enhance the quality of your phrasing. This might involve refining your timing, refining the execution of individual movements, or adapting your movements to better sync with the music.
  • Work on improving transitions between movements to create fluid, seamless phrasing.
  • Be patient, as improving phrasing often takes time and consistent practice.


  • Maintain a personal dance journal or logbook to document your observations, reflections, and plans for improvement. This will help you track your progress and provide valuable insights for revision.

Use of Technology

  • Utilize technologies like video recording for self-evaluation. Re-watching your performance can provide a fresh perspective to critically analyse your phrasing.