Documenting the Duet/Trio Performance

Documenting the Duet/Trio Performance


  • Start by creating a clear performance plan detailing key movement ideas, spatial structure, and choreographic intention.
  • Highlight the concept or theme being explored in the dance, explaining the backstory or narrative if there is one.

Rehearsal Process

  • Keep track of ongoing adjustments made during rehearsals. Annotate video footage or photographs of sequences that change.
  • Document any specific techniques or tactics employed to improve the performance – repetition of difficult phrases, use of slow-motion rehearsal etc.

The Performance Itself

  • Take multiple videos or photos to fully preserve the completed piece for analysis.
  • List the technical elements such as lighting, costumes, or props and how they contribute to the overall artistic vision.

Analysis and Reflection

  • Critically analyse the final performance, referencing specific moments caught in video or photos.
  • Review the cohesion and timing between dancers and how this affected the quality of the performance.
  • Reflect on how effectively the intention of the choreography was communicated to the audience.
  • Identify strengths and areas for development within the performance, giving targeted feedback for future improvement.

Reception and Feedback

  • Record any feedback received from teachers, peers, or others. Reflect on how this aligns with your own analysis.
  • Document the audience’s response and consider how elements of the performance may have influenced their reaction.