Emancipation of Expressionism: purpose

Emancipation of Expressionism: Purpose in Dance

  • Enlightenment: The purpose of Emancipation of Expressionism is to enlighten the audience about the vast spectrum and layers of hip hop dance.

  • Breaking stereotypes: The piece aims to break the stereotypes and restrictions often linked with hip hop.

  • Emotional journey: The work serves to take the audience on an emotional journey through the four sections: Genesis, Growth, Struggle, and Ascend.

  • Showcase transformative potential: It is designed to showcase the transformative potential of movement and dance.

  • Hip Hop as a refined art form: The dance aims to shift the perception of hip-hop from a street dance to a refined and evocative art form.

  • Expression of self: The work communicates the importance of expressing oneself freely, hence the term ‘emancipation’ in the title.

  • Demonstration of sync and unity: It aims to present an image of unity and synchronization demonstrating the impact of collective effort and team spirit.

  • Humanity and everyday life: Emancipation of Expressionism reflects the complexity of our humanity and elements of everyday life.