Within Her Eyes: themes

Within Her Eyes: Themes

Loss and Longing

  • Portrayal of a woman consumed by grief and longing due to the loss of her partner.
  • Emphasized through physical distance and continuous contact between two dancers.
  • End of dance symbolizes hopelessness with the woman sinking into the ground, showing she is unable to move on.


  • Relationship between the two dancers demonstrates strong emotional dependence.
  • This is shown through movements where the female dancer is supportive and is continuously in contact with the male dancer.


  • The dance captures the contrast between control/power and vulnerability.
  • Strong visuals generated by the harsh landscape and vulnerable central character.

Emotional Journey

  • The dance portrays an emotional journey dealing with grief and learning to let go.
  • Transition of grief stages from denial, anger, bargaining, depression to acceptance shown in different parts of the choreography.


  • Despite the vulnerability, the underlying theme of resilience is seen throughout the choreography.
  • The woman’s refusal to leave the side of her partner despite his absence shows inner strength.

Remember: Understanding the themes in ‘Within Her Eyes’ is vital for critical analysis of the dance piece.