Within Her Eyes: Aural Settings

Within Her Eyes: Aural Settings

Aural Settings: Within Her Eyes

Music Composition:

  • The score for Within Her Eyes is composed by Angus MacRae.
  • The music offers a rich layer of harmony which blends seamlessly into the theme of the dance rendering it an exploration of emotions and human relationships.
  • The music is non-lyrical, a sonic landscape that amplifies the shifting intensity of the dance.

Sound Effects:

  • Sound effects like breath and footfalls are used throughout. This brings a sense of immediacy and a potent connection to the movements of the dancers.
  • Ambient sounds, like wind and birds chirping, are incorporated to enhance the natural settings.

Relationship Between Sound and Movement:

  • Music and action are complementary in Within Her Eyes. The rises and falls in the music echo the dancers’ movements which gives an ethereal and abstract feeling to the duet.
  • The narrative and the music are intricately intertwined, each movement of the dancer is connected to the rhythm, tempo and texture of the music.
  • The music greatly adds to the emotional tone of the dance, amplifying the feelings of longing, loss, and dependence.

Use of Silence:

  • Periodic silence punctuates the dance, creating a stark contrast to the melodious music, thereby highlighting the dancers’ isolation.
  • Silence can often emphasise a particular physical movement or gesture that is significant to the dance narrative.

Learning Aural Settings:

  • Remember: aural setting is not just about what is heard, but also when and how it is heard in relation to the dance.
  • Recognize that the aural setting can drastically alter the mood, theme and interpretation of a dance, all contributing to the performance’s richness and depth.

Remember, as you revise, listen to the music and sound effects of Within Her Eyes while paying close attention to how they impact the overall interpretation of the performance. Good luck!