Self-critical appreciation: audience understanding

Self-critical appreciation: audience understanding

Understanding Your Audience

  • Reflect on how well your performance conveyed the intent of the piece to the audience.
  • Consider whether the emotion and story of the dance were comprehensible to viewers.
  • Evaluate audience’s reaction during and after the performance.

Importance of Feedback

  • Analyse audience feedback received and use it to improve future performances.
  • Remember that audience feedback can be both verbal and non-verbal (clapping, cheering, facial expressions).

Improving Communication

  • Find ways to better express your character’s feelings and thoughts through dance.
  • Think about the use of various elements (like gestures, body language, facial expressions) to create a stronger connection with the audience.

Practical Aspects of Performance

  • Consider how the costume, lighting, and sound effects were perceived and whether they helped in conveying your message.
  • Determine if the movements were clear and precise to be understood from the back of the auditorium as well as the front.

Remember, the objective of self-critical appreciation related to audience understanding is to gauge the effectiveness of your performance from the viewer’s perspective. It plays a crucial role in enhancing your ability to communicate through dance.