A Linha Curva: Lighting

A Linha Curva: Lighting

  • Remember that lighting is utilized in ‘A Linha Curva’ to create different moods and atmospheres throughout the dance.
  • It’s important to note that the lighting design was by Avi Yona Bueno ‘Bambi’.
  • Pay attention to how the lights often correspond to the movements of the dancers, for example, the bright lights create high energy and carnival atmosphere during the ensemble sections.
  • Observe how in moments of low light, it helps to highlight solo or smaller group sections, focusing the viewer’s attention.
  • Notice how the colour of the lights play a role - warmer colours for more intense, energetic sections, cooler colours for slower, softer moments.
  • Reflect on how the placement of light - from the front, side, or back - changes the appearance and visibility of the dancers and their movements.
  • Also remark how shadows and silhouettes are created by strategic lighting, contributing to the aesthetic and mood of the piece.

A Linha Curva: Dance

  • Recall that there are a total of 28 dancers, 15 men and 13 women, forming a large group
  • It’s key to remember that the dance is highly physical, with high energy and constant motion.
  • The exploration of gender dynamics and roles is prominent, as men and women often perform different steps.
  • Observe the playfulness and interaction among the dancers, it suggests a party-like atmosphere and sense of community.
  • The physical prowess of the dancers is showcased through acrobatics, capoeira-influenced movements and dynamic lifts.

A Linha Curva: Costuming

  • The costumes in ‘A Linha Curva’ are minimalistic, allowing for the dancers’ movements to be clearly visible.
  • While all dancers wear similar costumes, individual elements like the colour of the belts differ from dancer to dancer.
  • Note how the barefoot dancers and natural, earthy colours of the costumes contribute to an organic, grounded feel.
  • The mixed gender group has matching costumes throughout the piece, creating a unified aesthetic.
  • The costumes are designed to enhance the dancers’ movements, keep this in mind while revising.