A Linha Curva: meaning

A Linha Curva: meaning

Choreography and Structure

  • The choreographic intention of ‘Artificial Things’ is to explore the question of how society treats those who are different.

  • The choreography incorporates a mix of solos, duets and ensemble sections, using both contemporary and non-dance movement.

  • The piece follows a narrative structure, depicting the journey of the dancers towards acceptance.

Staging and Lighting

  • The setting for ‘Artificial Things’ is a derelict, dystopian world, indicated by the graffiti-strewn set and urban props.

  • The lighting design is essential in creating the mood and environment on stage.


  • The costumes in ‘Artificial Things’ are ordinary, everyday clothes, reflecting the human, reality-based nature of the piece.

  • They are unglamorous and functional, a symbol of the society in which the characters live.

Music and Sound

  • The sound design features a mix of recorded and live sound, adding a layer of realism and dramatic impact.

  • Music is sparingly used, acting as a counterpoint to the action on stage.

Audience Perception and Reaction

  • The audience will likely be struck by the authenticity and emotional impact of ‘Artificial Things’.

  • The piece elicits empathy and compassion, stimulating thoughts on social inclusion, hierarchy and difference.

Impact of the Performance

  • ‘Artificial Things’ is a powerful representation of societal attitudes towards differentness.

  • The impact of the piece lies in its ability to prompt self-reflection and questioning of societal norms through its narrative and choreographic choices.