Artificial Things: themes

Artificial Things: Themes

  • The theme of disability and integration is strongly present, connecting characters’ relationships and interactions on stage.
  • Relations and conflict are explored through movement, creating a dynamic and dramatic performance.
  • The overarching theme of society and individuality brings together different components of the dance, with consideration to prop use and choreography.

Artificial Things: Ideas

  • Breaking the norms is a main idea driving the performance, this is presented through the use of an integrated company and exploration of disability.
  • Separation and unity of society and its members is a recurring thread through the dance.

Artificial Things: Meaning

  • Each component of the piece contributes to the understanding of the meaning of ‘artificial’ within society and individuals.
  • The work suggests that society’s structures and stereotypes can be both cumbersome and limiting, and this is expressed through the metaphor of a constraining square frame.

Artificial Things: Mood

  • Given the dramatic stage lighting and intimate moments between dancers, an overall mood of intimacy and intensity is created.
  • The mood also swings between tension and relief, facilitated by the ebb and flow of dynamic movement and pauses.

Every key point highlighted should be understood and related back to the broader structure and thematic message of ‘Artificial Things’. Understanding these themes, ideas, moods and meanings is a vital part of appreciating the choreography and performance aspects of this work.