Artificial Things: style

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Artificial Things: Style

Style Descriptors

  • This performance piece utilizes a contemporary dance style featuring elements of contact improvisation, mime, and gestures.
  • Stillness is a crucial style element, often used to highlight tension or presense.
  • Pedestrian movements coupled with intricate choreography make the style accessible yet complex.

Characterization and Emotion

  • Dancer’s expression and characterization play a vital role in the stylistic execution. Emotion is portrayed through movement and facial expressions.
  • The style calls for strong acting skills, as dancers often play characters with their own stories.
  • Use of contrasting dynamics, ranging from fluid to sharp, mimic human responses, further deepening the emotionality of the piece.

Elements of Dance

  • Contact work is key, with dancers assisting, supporting, or conflicting with each other, illustrating the human interaction aspect.
  • Grounded movements are a signature feature, emphasizing the gravity and weight in movement.
  • Choreography features opposing elements of fall and recovery, further lending depth to the style.

Overall Style Impact

  • The style of Artificial Things emphasizes and drives home the underlying themes of difference, equality, and humanity.
  • The dancers’ physicality and ability to convey a wide range of emotions through controlled movements contribute to the work’s unique stylistic identity.