Solo: Physical/Technical Skills

Solo: Physical/Technical Skills

Understanding Solo Physical Skills

  • Master the basic techniques, including alignment, control, coordination, flexibility, mobility, strength, and spatial awareness.
  • Pay attention to safety measures while performing demanding moves to prevent injuries.
  • Incorporate ways to show endurance and stamina through lengthy sequences.
  • The significance of speed should be considered in relation to the style and mood of the dance.

Enhancing Solo Technical Skills

  • Work on the principles of turning, including spotting and control of rotational force.
  • The importance of timing and rhythm within the solo context - this includes personal pacing and responsiveness to musical cues.
  • Balance and stability should be showcased throughout the performance and particularly within more complex movements.

Improving Solo Dynamics

  • Understand and practice the use of contrasting dynamics such as fast-slow, heavy-light in movement.
  • Consider how changes in dynamics can impact the interpretation and reception of movements.
  • Apply the practice of accenting to draw attention to key moments in your performance, this could be through sharp, sudden movements or powerful holds.

Emphasizing on Solo Performance Skills

  • Use facial expressions and body language to convey the narrative or emotion of the dance.
  • Highlight the dancer’s personal flair and unique characteristics through certain movements or motifs.
  • Liken dance movements to everyday actions or physical experiences to reinforce the interpretation of the dance.

Considering Solo Safe Working Practices

  • Always warm up and cool down effectively to promote safe practice.
  • Ensure that any floor work is approached with care for the dancer’s safety. This includes rolls, falls, and any movement that involves a lot of contact with the floor.
  • Pay attention to the overall wellness of the body - this includes both hydration and nutrition in order to sustain energy for the solo performance.