Within Her Eyes: Structuring Devices

Within Her Eyes: Structuring Devices

Motif Development: The use of a recurring theme, idea or a sequence of dance movements that is modified and developed throughout the performance.

Narrative: The use of a clear narrative structure - in this case, the exploration of dependency in relationships - that provides a framework for the dance and the interpretation of its movements.

Contrast: The use of contrasting movements, speeds and levels is a key structuring device in ‘Within Her Eyes’. This introduces elements of surprise and variety in the choreography.

Repetition: Repeated movements or sequences throughout the performance helps create coherence and emphasis.

Canon: The choreographic device where movements introduced by one dancer are repeated exactly by subsequent dancers in turn.

Climax: The high point of the dance where the movements and the narrative reach a peak. In ‘Within Her Eyes’ the climax brings a sense of resolving the tension built throughout the performance.

Echoing: When one dancer performs a move or motif and another repeats it, a little later.

Unison: A device where two or more dancers perform the same movement or phrase at the same time.