Artificial Things: Properties

Here is a revision content breakdown for “Artificial Things: Properties”:

General Characteristics

  • Sculpted wheelchair: Essential property, indicating Dave’s disability and integral to his movements and interaction with others.
  • Dancer’s clothing: Everyday clothes that differ between each performer, reinforcing their individual identities.
  • Supermarket trolley: Represents society’s indifference towards disabled people & is used to highlight their struggles.

Use of Space

  • Closed space: Much of the choreography occurs around the confined area created by the wheelchair, reflecting Dave’s confinement.
  • Group formations: Used to distinguish between non-disabled and disabled performers, such as the two trios at the start.

Use of Movement

  • Restricted Movement: This replicates the range of motion possible in a wheelchair.
  • Partnerwork: Used to communicate the societal attitudes and relationships towards the subject of disability.

Use of Devices

  • Duplicates: An identical wheelchair and trolley are brought in, illustrating society’s frequent disregard and repetition.
  • Contrasts: The contrast between the light, mobile trolley and the heavier, restrictive wheelchair is exploited for dramatic effect.