Within Her Eyes: Dancers

Within Her Eyes: Dancers

Dancers in ‘Within Her Eyes’

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The duet features two main performers - one female and one male.
  • The female dancer represents the central character going through an intense emotional experience.
  • The male dancer symbolizes the supportive partner who accompanies the female dancer through her inner turmoil.


  • The female dancer embodies the role of vulnerability and introspection.
  • She demonstrates tremendous strength and flexibility through her movements, despite the majority of choreography done off-balance.
  • The male dancer is typically grounding and stabilizing.
  • He showcases his strength by frequently supporting and lifting the female dancer.


  • There are no moments in the dance where the female dancer’s feet touch the ground while in the presence of the male dancer - this emphasizes her dependency on him.
  • The dancers share an intimate relationship, highlighted by the close physical contact throughout the dance.
  • The eye contact between the dancers is significant as it indicates their emotional bond.

Costume and Appearance

  • Both dancers dress in neutral tones which reflect the bare, washed-out landscape and to reinforce the bleak nature of the dance.
  • The female dancer’s dress is flowing and free, similar to her unsettled, depression-stricken mind.
  • The male dancer’s costume, although similar in colour, is sturdier and more structured, mirroring his stabilizing role.

Emotional Expression and Timing

  • Dancers perform a blend of contact improvisation, contemporary, and ballet techniques.
  • The dancers tactfully employ stillness and silence, providing poignant moments in the dance.
  • The emotional nuance shared between the dancers is portrayed through their subtle facial expressions and intricate movement language.

Choreographic Devices in ‘Within Her Eyes’

  • Stillness: Used effectively to emphasise despair and sorrow.
  • Contact improvisation: The female dancer is always in physical contact with the male dancer. This represents reliance, support, and closeness.
  • Canon: Sequences where one dancer’s movements are replicated by another with a time lag.
  • Unison: Highlights shared emotional experiences when both dancers perform the same movements at the same time.
  • Motif development: Initial motifs are manipulated and developed throughout the dance to reflect the evolving emotional state.

By understanding and remembering these key elements about the dancers in ‘Within Her Eyes’, you can analyze and appreciate this work of art comprehensively.