Within Her Eyes: differences to other dances

Within Her Eyes: Differences to Other Dances

  • Physical Setting: Unlike many dances set in a studio or on a traditional stage, ‘Within Her Eyes’ is performed outdoors in a remote natural setting. This unique setting influences the dancers’ movements and interactions with the space around them.
  • All-female Cast: The piece, choreographed by James Cousins, features an all-female cast. This differs from many dances that typically have both male and female dancers.
  • Absence of Upright Movements: Where most dances incorporate a range of upright movements and positions, ‘Within Her Eyes’ is unique in that one of the dancers remains off her feet and in contact with the other dancer for the entirety of the piece.
  • Narrative Driven: While some dances focus primarily on the aesthetic of motion and design, ‘Within Her Eyes’ is distinctly narrative-driven, telling a story of dependence and despair.
  • Emotional Intensity: Compared to other contemporary pieces which may focus on various themes, the intense emotional bond between the characters in ‘Within Her Eyes’ is a distinctive feature. This emotional intensity significantly influences both the choreography and interpretation of the dance.
  • Minimalistic Music: Many dances are set to rich, complex scores. In contrast, ‘Within Her Eyes’ features a simple and repetitive soundtrack that reflects the despair and dependence depicted in the dance.
  • Costuming: In ‘Within Her Eyes’, the costume choices further sow the difference when compared to the standard leotard or dance wear. The normal, everyday clothing worn by the dancers enhances the sense of realism and immersion in the narrative.