Self-critical appreciation: travel

Self-Critical Appreciation: Travel

Understanding the Concept

  • Travel in dance refers to any movement that takes the performer from one place to another on the performance space.
  • Crucial for creating dynamic and engaging dance sequences.

The Role of Travel in Dance

  • Adds dimension and variety to a performance.
  • Allows the dancer to interact with different parts of the stage, making the performance more visually appealing.

Evaluating your Traveling Skills

  • Self-appraise the efficiency and effectiveness of your travel movements.
  • Reflect on whether your travel movements add to the overall aesthetics of the performance or detract from it.

Quality of Movement in Travel

  • Quantity of travel isn’t as important as the quality of motion.
  • Execution of travel steps should be smooth and coherent.

Training and Practice

  • Work towards making your travel steps look effortless.
  • Practice specific travel steps to enhance your overall dancing skills.

The Look of Travel

  • Think about how your travel steps are being perceived by the audience.
  • Consistently self-evaluate and look for ways to improve your travel movements.

Other Elements of Travel

  • Reflect on your spatial awareness, coordination, and timing during travel movements.
  • Consider the relationship between your travel steps and other aspects of your performance, like music, mood or theme.

Key Areas for Self-Appreciation

  • Identifying which of your travel movements work well and which need improvement.
  • Taking sustainable actions to improve the quality of your travel movements.
  • Giving importance to feedback and constructive criticism to uplift your overall performance quality.