Infra: themes

Infra: Themes

  • The theme of human interaction and urban life is central in Infra. Choreographer Wayne McGregor was inspired by the busy city life of London.
  • The theme of individuality within the crowd is also prominent, showing how each person in a crowd has their own identity and personal struggles.
  • Emotional distance and disconnection are highlighted, with the dancers often close in proximity but isolated emotionally.

Infra: Ideas

  • Anonymous living: Infra encapsulates the idea of being alone in a crowd. The dancers often cross paths but rarely connect.
  • Impersonality of city life: The idea that in a city of millions, individuals can still feel isolated and anonymous is a core concept in Infra.
  • Emotions and human experience: Infra communicates the breadth of human emotion – from joy to despair, and from hope to despondency. It explores how these emotions shape individual experiences within a larger community.

Infra: Meaning

  • Meaning of the title: The word ‘Infra’ is short for ‘Infrared’, it suggests a world that exists beneath the surface - a world not visible to the naked eye. This has a parallel in the theme of the dance which dives into the unseen emotional world of individuals.
  • Role of emotions: The dance highlights how our emotional state can colour the experiences of daily life. It is a reminder that beneath the surface of bustling city life, individuals carry their own emotional baggage.
  • Interpretation of urban living: Infra portrays city life not as a collection of buildings and roads, but as a network of human experiences, interactions and emotions. It reminds the viewer that cities are made not of concrete and steel, but of the people who live there.