Infra: Performance environment (proscenium arch, end stage, in-the-round, site sensitive)

Infra: Performance environment (proscenium arch, end stage, in-the-round, site sensitive)

Performance Environment - Infra

  • Proscenium arch: Infra was performed within a proscenium arch theatre configuration originally. This allowed the dancers to be viewed from one direction only, from front.
  • Stage setting: The stage was minimally dressed, promoting a stark, urban atmosphere that reflects the theme of the piece.
  • Pedestrian crossing: A key feature of the set was a light box simulating a pedestrian crossing, which highlighted movement derived from everyday life.
  • Digital Screen: Above the dance space, a digital screen runs the length of the stage. Onscreen figures walk endlessly, symbolising daily life continuing above.

Different Staging Options

  • End stage: An end stage configuration would still work for this performance. However, it would limit the audience’s perspective to one side.
  • In-the-round: An in-the-round staging might complicate the impact and function of the overhead digital screen. The choreographic content also largely caters to a frontal perspective.
  • Site-sensitive: This option is not applicable to Infra as it was designed for the proscenium arch stage.

Practical Elements

  • Lighting: The lighting in Infra is essential to creating its unique environment, with the use of monochromatic hues and shadowing to evoke the urban setting.
  • Sound and music: Max Richter’s haunting score is critical in setting the emotional tone.
  • Costumes: Dancers in Infra wore everyday clothing, further embodying the urban, everyday setting of the piece.

Remember to visualize the settings to help you remember them during the test. Apply the details to your performance, choreography and appreciation of Infra.