Documenting the Quartet Performance

Documenting the Quartet Performance

Choosing Elements for Documentation

  • Understand that the purpose of documentation is to evidence your contribution to the quartet performance.
  • Analyse your quartet’s performance to identify the most significant moments that demonstrate creative decisions, technical skill and execution, and overall understanding of choreographic elements.
  • Pay specific attention to parts where you show clear interaction with other dancers, as this reflects your ability to perform in harmony and synchronisation with others.

Methods of Documentation

  • Consider using a video recording of the entire performance, which will provide a comprehensive view of your piece and its progression.
  • Photos can be useful, especially for capturing moments with a high level of technical execution or where there is an important reaction or interaction between dancers.
  • Written documentation like personal reflections and annotations on the choreography can also be powerful tools; these should be clear, concise, and directly related to the performance.

Effective Documentation Process

  • Begin your documentation process early by starting to gather materials and reflections during rehearsals to show the developments and refinements leading up to the final performance.
  • Include annotations on your choice of choreography, the process, and how you think it was executed.
  • Make clear connections between your documentation materials and the performance itself; this could be through timestamps on videos, markings on photos, or detailed descriptions in written documents.

Reviewing and Refining Documentation

  • Look over your documentation once completed, ensuring it provides a complete, comprehensive picture of your contribution to the quartet.
  • Check that the documentation details your understanding of the dance style, your technical proficiency, and your dramatic intent in the quartet.
  • Be sure to edit any written documentation for clarity, accuracy and relevance to the quartet performance.

Presentation of Documentation

  • Compile documentation in a clear, structured format, organising by chronology or relevance to your performance.
  • Make certain that video or photographic evidence is of good quality, and can clearly showcase the elements you are documenting.
  • Ensure a well-presented final piece, free from errors, and easily accessible for the examiner to review.