Solo Performance

Solo Performance

Documenting the Quartet Performance

  • Identify the structure of the quartet sequence including the entry points, transitions, and exit points.
  • Indicate where the movements originate from, whether it be the arms, legs, torso, heads, or feet.
  • Describe every dancer’s role in the quartet performance. For example, did they all perform the same moves, or were their performances unique?
  • Track where each dancer moves throughout the performance using a floor plan.

Improving the Performance

  • Evaluate the timing and synchronisation within the performance.
  • Observe the formations and spatial relationships of the performers and describe how these changed throughout the performance.
  • Consider any props or costumes in the dance sequence.
  • Listen to the music and pay attention to the beat - did the dancers stay on time? Did they move to the rhythm or the melody?
  • Compare this performance to other quartet practises to identify areas of improvement.

Reflecting on the Performance

  • Look back at the original choreography notes to see if the sequence followed the original plan.
  • Identify how well the dancers interacted with each other - were they aware of each other’s movements?
  • Reflect on the mood, emotions and dynamics conveyed during the performance.
  • Consider audience reaction and feedback, as well as any personal feelings during the performance.