Emancipation of Expressionism: ideas

Emancipation of Expressionism: Ideas

  • Emancipation of Expressionism is a street dance piece which aims to express and explore the human journey through life.
  • The work is influenced by the B-boy and hip-hop cultures, taking their language and vocabulary and using them as a basis for expression.
  • The focus of the plot is on the idea of the hero’s journey, with the dancers representing individuals who go through trials and challenges, but ultimately come out stronger and more enlightened through their struggles.
  • There is a notion of ritual present throughout the work, using repeated patterns and motifs to create a sense of ceremony and importance.
  • Emancipation of Expressionism also utilises the ideas surrounding synchronicity and unity, seeing the group of dancers working together as one to overcome their struggles.

Emancipation of Expressionism: Themes

  • Self-expression is a key theme in Emancipation of Expressionism, with the dancers conveying their emotions and messages through their movements and interactions.
  • Freedom and emancipation are other important themes in the piece. The dancers go through a journey of liberation from their trials and challenges, reaching a point of self-discovery and newfound freedom.
  • The theme of resilience is also present in the work. Despite the trials they face, the dancers keep pushing through, demonstrating their determination and tenacity.
  • Another theme present in the piece is unity. The idea of togetherness is expressed through the dancers’ synchronised movements and harmonious interactions.

Emancipation of Expressionism: Style

  • Street dance is a core style used in Emancipation of Expressionism, based on the vocabulary of B-boy and hip-hop.
  • The work also incorporates elements of modern and contemporary dance, using fluid movements and raw emotions to convey its messages.
  • The choreography is often intricate and synchronised, displaying a sense of unity and teamwork among the dancers.
  • Despite the use of a group of dancers, there are also solo and duet moments in the performance. These serve to highlight individual dancer’s abilities and help in telling the story.