A Linha Curva: Dancers

A Linha Curva: Dancers

Understood. Here are the bullet points grouped under headers:

Artificial Things: Lighting

  • The performance starts with low light creating an atmospheric opening.
  • Lighting helps to project the different zones or spaces on the stage.
  • Distinction between foreground and background is achieved through lighting.
  • Shadow play is used frequently to add to the piece’s overall tenseness.

Artificial Things: Properties

  • The wheelchair plays a central role, it’s treated as part of the dancer as well as a separate entity.
  • The loose paper signifies mess or disarray and the attempt to create order.

Artificial Things: Costume

  • Simple yet effective costumes were used. Neutral tones compliment the set and lighting.
  • The main dancer’s costume seamlessly incorporates the wheelchair.

Artificial Things: Dancers

  • Four dancers in total, each displaying individuality.
  • Movement ranges from stillness to frantic activity.

Artificial Things: Aural Settings

  • The score is primarily atmospheric, made up of sounds rather than music.
  • Some parts have atmospheric silence which echoes the dramatic tension.

Artificial Things: Choreographer’s Approach

  • Use of disability and diversity in the dance.
  • Theme of man-made processes confronting the natural world.

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