Infra: differences to other dances

Infra: Differences to Other Dances

  • Distinctive Choreography: Infra stands apart with its urban contemporary choreography. While other dances might incorporate traditional ballet or jazz elements, Infra leverages various street and modern dance styles.

  • Human relationships and societal structure: Infra has a clear focus on human relationships and societal structure, setting it apart from dances that might focus more on abstract concepts or individual experiences.

  • Use of multimedia: Infra incorporates an LED display showing moving figures, helping to highlight the theme of individuality within the crowd. This multifaceted approach to performance is not commonly seen in every dance.

  • Live Music: Another distinctive aspect of Infra is the use of live music from composer Max Richter, which isn’t always a feature in other dances.

  • Set design: The minimalist set design of Infra contrasts with other dances that may use elaborate sets and props.

  • Narrative structure: Some dances tell a direct story with a clear beginning, middle, and end. The narrative structure of Infra is more abstract and open-ended, allowing the audience to draw their own conclusions.

  • Intensity of the dance: The highly emotional and intense movements and expressions in Infra might contrast with the subtler or more reserved expressions in other dance forms.