Within Her Eyes: similarities with other dances

Within Her Eyes: similarities with other dances

Similarities with Other Dances

  • While Her Eyes shows strong parallels with site-specific works. The setting is an integral part of the choreography and the storyline. This could be compared to other site-specific dance pieces like those of Pina Bausch or Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

Use of the Body and Movement

  • Much like other contemporary dance pieces, Within Her Eyes employs a heavy use of contract and release, fall and recovery, and spiralling movements. Those techniques are shared with the teachings of Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham.

Use of Music and Sound

  • Echoing other works in the landscape of dance, Within Her Eyes uses music to enhance the choreography and express the emotions of the characters. This could be compared to the use of music in other contemporary dance works such as those by Akram Khan.

Use of Costume and Set

  • Within Her Eyes uses costume and set in a way that doesn’t overshadow the choreography, but complements and contributes to it. This is in line with many other contemporary choreographers, such as Wayne McGregor, who often focus on the practicality of costume, allowing for free movement.

Themes and Ideas Presented

  • The exploration of strong emotional states in Within Her Eyes is a common thread found in many other choreographies, such as those of Crystal Pite or Hofesh Shechter. The use of dance as an expressive medium to explore human emotions is a connection found in various contemporary dances.