Infra: Dancers

Infra: Dancers

Infra: Aural Settings

  • The piece features a neo-classical score by the composer Max Richter.
  • There is a strong presence of urban soundscapes, contemporary classical music references, and digital sound distortions.

Infra: Dance for Camera

  • Dance sequences are often filmed from a high angle, giving the audience a bird’s-eye view of the piece.
  • Use of close-ups and panning is common, focusing on individual dancers or groups, emphasizing their isolation.

Infra: Performance Environment

  • This dance work is presented in a proscenium arch stage setting.
  • Emphasis is put on space and architecture, with elements of the urban environment represented on stage.

Infra: Choreographer’s Approach

  • Choreographer Wayne McGregor adopts a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating digital visual art and contemporary music.
  • McGregor’s dynamic, fast-paced choreographic style is evident throughout the piece.

Infra: Movement Content

  • The piece involves highly physical, high-energy movements, with an emphasis on athleticism and flexibility.
  • The piece is characterized by its use of space, exploring different spatial relationships between dancers.

Infra: Structuring Devices

  • Within the piece, there is a cyclical structure, with repeated motifs seen.
  • The use of counterpoint is a significant structuring device, creating contrasting sections.

Infra: Form

  • The work has a non-narrative form, relying instead on movement and visuals to communicate its themes.
  • It has a verse-chorus structure with a narrative thread running through the entire piece.

Infra: Choreographic Devices

  • The piece utilizes canon, unison, and repetition as key choreographic tools.
  • The use of contrast is a significant choreographic device, showing differences between dynamics, movements, and spatial patterns.

Infra: Mood

  • The overall mood is gloomy and introspective, reflecting the theme of urban alienation.
  • Moments of lightness and intimacy punctuate this, contrasting with the prevalent sombre mood.

Infra: Meaning

  • Through the piece, we can interpret a critique of urban life and our disconnected modern society.
  • It reflects on the plight of the individual in a fast-paced and impersonal urban environment.

Infra: Ideas

  • Central ideas include isolation, anonymity, and community within the contemporary urban landscape.
  • It explores human interactions and emotions in the backdrop of a complex physical and social architecture.