General: Weigh and measure

General: Weigh and measure


Importance of Precision

  • Accuracy in weighing and measuring ingredients is crucial for consistent results in food preparation. Even slight variations can significantly affect taste and texture.
  • Understanding metric units used in recipes is important. These are typically grammes (g) for weight, millilitres (ml) for volume and degrees Celsius (°C) for temperature.
  • Also understanding imperial units can be important, as some older recipes may still use them. These include ounces (oz) for weight, cups for volume, and degrees Fahrenheit (°F) for temperature.

Kitchen Scales

  • Kitchen scales, particularly digital scales, can provide precise measurements and are easy to use.
  • It’s important to zero or tare the scale after placing a bowl or other container on it before adding ingredients.
  • In a pinch, dietary scales can be used but are less accurate for larger quantities.

Liquid Measurement

  • Liquid ingredients should be measured in a measure jug at eye level, on a flat surface, to ensure accuracy.
  • For small amounts, measuring spoons can be used. Remember that 1 tablespoon equals 15 millilitres and 1 teaspoon equals 5 millilitres.
  • Thick, viscous liquids such as honey should be measured in dry measuring cups for easier removal and clean-up.

Dry Measurement

  • Dry ingredients should be lightly spooned into a measuring cup then levelled with a straight-edged utensil for precision.
  • Brown sugar is an exception, as it should be packed firmly into the cup until no air remains.
  • Remember that measuring by volume (cups) is less accurate than by weight (grammes).

Temperature Measurement

  • Ensure you are using the correct temperature for the method of cooking.
  • Conversions between Fahrenheit and Celsius are important. Remember: F = (C x 9/5) + 32 and C = (F - 32) x 5/9.
  • Cooking thermometers are used when precise cooking temperatures are needed, such as when cooking meats to a safe internal temperature.

Remember, becoming comfortable with these skills takes practise, but it’s an essential part of cooking and baking prowess.