Setting mixtures (heat removal / using protein)

Setting mixtures (heat removal / using protein)

Setting Mixtures

  • Heat removal refers to the process of cooling mixtures for them to firm up, as in the case of making jellies or mould desserts.

  • The process of setting using protein involves denaturing proteins to provide structure to dishes such as custards and mousses.

  • Remember that overcooking can cause the proteins to tighten excessively and squeeze out water, leading to a rubbery texture.

  • Different proteins coagulate (set) at different temperatures hence understanding of cooking temperatures for each type of food is key.

  • Some ingredients play multiple roles, for instance, eggs in custards. They offer protein for setting, fat for rich flavor, and act as a liquid in the base mixture.

  • Successful setting also depends on the acidity and sugar content of the mixture.

  • The student should be able to identify which ingredients in a recipe contribute to the setting process, and how changing these ingredients or their quantities might affect the final result.